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Smartphone app to help you lose weight

Smartphone app to help you lose weight

Adelaide researchers are trialling a smartphone app to help users lose weight and keep it off.

While many will testify it is easy to stray from a diet, the CSIRO has developed an app to coach smartphone users through a dedicated meal plan.

And now they are looking for volunteers to help test it.

“There are lots of apps in the weight loss market, but we don’t know very much about whether they’re effective or not and what it is about apps that are more or less likely to stay on a program,” Dr Manny Noakes from the CSIRO said.

Research shows face-to-face support is often the best way to succeed on a diet, but busy lifestyles mean it is not always possible, or cost effective.

That is where the weight loss app comes in, giving users advice at their fingertips.

“The app will provide them with regular, daily reminders and support, and we believe that they are some of the features that might help people maintain their weight loss program for longer,” Dr Noakes said.

The CSIRO is now looking for 150 volunteers who fit the following criteria:
- Aged 18 years and over
- Have a iPhone
- Are overweight (self-reported BMI greater than 25)
- Are happy to follow a new diet program
- Have access to scales and ability to measure and record your weight
- Willing to attend CSIRO clinic in Adelaide on seven occasions over the 24 weeks
- Willing to have four finger pricks to measure blood lipids and blood glucose

If you fit these criteria and would like to volunteer for the trail, phone 8303 8863 during business hours or email