Sleeping woman wakes to find ferret attacking her in Sydney home

A woman has been attacked by a rogue ferret while sleeping in her Sydney home.

The Bulkham Hills resident, who asked not to be named, was safe and sound in bed by 10.30pm last Monday – or so she thought.

With one cheek resting firmly on her pillow, the woman felt something sharp latch onto the other.

“The second it bit my face I woke up and grabbed onto it,” the woman told the Hill Shire Times.

The rogue ferret made its way into her bed and latched onto her cheek. Source: Stock image / Getty

“My husband ran into the room and tried to free it from my face, but I could feel the teeth digging into my cheek.”

It wasn’t until they managed to pry its teeth from her face that she realised it was a little white ferret.

She said her little white dog was completely unfazed, sleeping through the entire ordeal.

Left with a small rip in her cheek and very swollen jaw, the couple managed to throw the evil little critter into their backyard, but the nightmare wasn’t over yet.

The ferret was determined to come back for round two, sneaking back into their Bulkham Hills home through an unlatched doggy door. Source: Stock image / Getty

The Coronation Road resident said the ferret came back for round two, entering through the doggy door.

Fortunately they were able to scurry it out into a neighbour’s backyard.

The injured woman was treated by a neighbouring doctor and given a tetanus shot, while the evil ferret remains at large.