Skin-crawling reason dishwasher no longer works

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A woman has discovered the gross reason her mum’s dishwasher stopped working.

Trinity Kirkland, from the US, posted a video on TikTok of her boyfriend assessing her mum’s dishwasher.

She wrote in the caption that it had stopped working. He’s seen opening the back panel.

And inside are a pack of rats crawling around inside the dishwasher.

“You see him?” one man says.

“He’s right there.”

Rats are seen inside a dishwasher.
Well, that can't be good. Source: TikTok/ TrinityKirkland

Another man says “there’s a tonne of them here”.

Many people like the movie Ratatouille but viewers on TikTok weren’t thrilled to find the rats in such close proximity to eating utensils.

“I have never wanted to puke or cry more,” one woman wrote.

Another wrote she would “drop dead” if she came across a similar scene while another added it gave her anxiety because her dishwasher currently isn’t working.

Others joked the rats might have been performing maintenance and trying to fix the dishwasher themselves.

According to Queensland-based Moyle Plumbing & Gasfitting, rodents normally chew on cables and wiring to keep their teeth from getting too long.

As for the best way to keep them out of the house: practise good hygiene and clean up food scraps which might be left around the kitchen.

It’s also best to fix cracks in walls and windows to prevent unwanted pests from getting into the home too.

NSW also experienced a mouse plague this year and there are fears it could happen again.

Media reports which predicted hoards of mice in Australia’s capital cities never eventuated, but that doesn’t mean they've gone away warned NSW Farmers Vice President Xavier Martin.

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