Six elderly people including woman, 85, arrested for 'sexual activity' in woods

Six people aged between 62 and 85 are facing sex charges after their arrest in a conservation area.

Police said five men and an 85-year-old woman were caught up in lewd and sexual activity earlier in August in Fairfield, Connecticut.

According to the Connecticut Post, police received multiple complaints of inappropriate behaviour in the Grace Richardson conservation area.

Daniel Dobbins (left) and John Linartz (right) were among the six caught up in the sexual activity in Connecticut. Source: ABC 7.

Police also said the area was being advertised on the internet as a place for people to meet up and have sex, which prompted police to put up surveillance in the area.

The Fairfield Police Department’s Quality of Life Unit reportedly observed several violations from breach of peace to public indecency.

Of those arrested were Daniel Dobbins, 67, Otto D. Williams, 62, Charles L. Ardito, 75, John Linartz, 62, Richard Butler, 82, and Joyce Butler, 85.

Police say the area had been advertised as a place for people to meet up and have sex. Pictured are two suspects Charles L. Ardito (right) and Otto D. Williams (left). Source: ABC 7.

All of the six people were charged with “breach of peace”, while Dobbins and Linartz were also charged with public indecency, according to the Connecticut Post.

All of the six were released on promises to appear in court.

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