Sinister detail in mirror at woman's new home

A family who are renovating a home they recently moved into have made a suspicious discovery while trying to remove a mirror built into a wall.

Annabell Mickleson, 18, and her family moved into the property located in Arizona and were intrigued when they realised an entire mirror located in the bathroom couldn’t be moved, so they decided to investigate.

Ms Mickleson decided to document the renovation on TikTok as the family began cutting into the wall.

tik tok video of a home being renovated
Annabell Mickleson has been documenting her family as they renovated a house they were told had an 'interesting backstory'. Source: TikTok/Annabell Mickelson

As they start to remove parts of the wall they discovered a cupboard inside of the wall “or a very small panic room” as well as several cords and even a working sink.

In another video Ms Mickleson showed they had scratched the mirror with a razor, proving it was indeed a two way mirror designed to see directly into an attached bathroom.

The videos quickly went viral on TikTok with curious users asking for more detail on the strange set up.

The 18-year-old returned to TikTok to explain that before her family had purchased the home they were told it had an interesting backstory but after moving in they found out exactly how interesting the previous owner was.

“It was a drug lord’s house I guess you could say,” Ms Mickleson explains in another TikTok video.

She goes on the say neighbours told her there were constant parties at the location and a few weeks after moving in a man knocked on the door to retrieve $20,000 (A$25,000) buried in the backyard by the deceased previous owner, but they were unable to find it.

The family were baffled as to why the outside of the house was surrounded by several surveillance cameras and when they explored the attic they found “over 80 lights”.

“There is no need to have that many lights in an attic,” Ms Mickleson said admitting she was too scared to go up herself.

Ms Mickleson has almost 10,000 followers on TikTok who are hooked on the story and want to know more.

In one of her latest videos she told her followers she has plans to interview her neighbour to find out more about the previous owner and while he is happy to spill the beans, he doesn’t want his face on camera.

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