Man stunned by discovery in photos of house for sale

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A man has confused and terrified Facebook users with photos of his late grandfather’s house when it was placed up for sale

Tyler Thorton posted two images of the South Australian home in a group for fans of the paranormal, he claims both images were taken by a real estate agent at the same time when the house was sold in 2017..

At first glance both pictures seem to be almost identical however on closer inspection the second image appears to show a ghostly male figure in the kitchen window.

Photos show what appears to be a male figure in the window of a house for sale.
At first glance both pictures look almost identical. Source: Facebook

“When my pop passed away we had to sell his house in Port Victoria, the real estate agent took these photos and sent them to my mum straight away,” Mr Thornton explained.

“There was nobody else at the property at the time.”

Several members in the group were baffled by the images and said they couldn’t identify anything noteworthy in either.

“I can't seem to see anything out of the ordinary. Where about are we looking?” one person commented.

One eagle-eyed member spotted some ‘mist’ in the second image and suggested members zoom in and adjust the brightness of the image.

“It looks like someone in the window in the second photo,” he wrote.

“I have literal goosebumps,” a member replied.

People see figure in window ‘cleaning dishes’

Mr Thorton told the group that his grandfather had lived in the house for about 25 years and users began to speculate that it may be the spirit of Mr Thornton’s grandfather in the window.

The ghost of a man inside a house for sale
On closer inspection one of the images appeared to show the ghostly figure of a man in the window (left). Source: Facebook

“It looks like someone in the window cleaning dishes. Did you or your pop find the house already active? I certainly would not want to be doing the dishes in my afterlife,” one person commented.

“Aww man I need me a ghosty that washes dishes,” a person replied.

“He's going through the contract, researching the new owners, digging up any info he can to scare them,” another joked.

Mr Thornton said the image could resemble his pop when he was younger but he was unsure.

While people debated whether the image was “creepy” or “heartwarming”, the majority of the group seemed to agree on washing up in the afterlife.

“Can I just add, when I die I do not want to still be doing dishes.”

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