Single mother left profanity-laden message by used car salesman

An Adelaide used car salesman has been forced to apologise for his vile, profanity-filled rant left as a message on a single mother’s phone.

Iain Brundritt sells used cars for a living, but even he admits his customer service has been poor this week.

Single mum Chrissy Mingoia thought she'd found her dream car at his Main North Road dealership.

Iain Brundritt sells cars for a living. Source: 7 News

But when she informed Mr Brundritt that a mechanic believed the Ford Territory needed hundreds of dollars in urgent repairs, she received a rather unpleasant voicemail.

“Do you actually want to buy this car, or are you too busy being on your f****** high horse?” the car dealer bellowed.

Ms Mingoia told 7 News, “I just was in disbelief.”

But the used car salesman's customer service experienced a major lapse this week. Source: 7 News

“My brother got home from work, I’m like, you need to hear this voicemail, and then it starts and he's listening and I see his face change,” the single mum said.

When he heard the message, her brother said ,“I had no words.”

The message continued, “If you decide you actually want to buy this car....get back to me, otherwise, jump on your f****** high horse and ride the go f*** yourself, ok, bye bye.”

The rants left for a single mother had to be heard to be believed. Source: 7 News

After copping backlash on social media, Mr Brunditt apologised

“I had a momentary lapse in reason,” he said.

“I wasn't obviously thinking clearly and I said something I shouldn't have said which I deeply regret.”

He offered the car for a discount. Source: 7 News

Unfortunately for the used car salesman, his potential customer now says, “I don't believe anything he says.”

“He's offered to knock two thousand dollars off the price,” Ms Mingoia said, but she has declined Mr Brundritt’s offer to purchase the car at a discounted price.

But he'd already done his dash and dashed the deal. Source: 7 News

“I said that guy can give me the car for free, I don't want anything to do with him,” Ms Mingoia

The family says they've found another car at a different, friendlier, dealership further down the road.