'Shouldn't have a licence': Why people are blaming Getz in truck collision

Josh Dutton
·News Reporter
·2-min read

A hatchback driver south of Sydney is being blamed for a collision with a truck.

The two vehicles were filmed turning around a bend in Port Kembla on Friday at the intersection of Masters and Five Islands roads.

Video uploaded to Facebook by Dash Cam Owners Australia shows the pair turning but as they round the corner, the truck knocks the Hyundai Getz which is on its left.

A Hyundai Gets gets t-boned by a truck in Port Kembla.
The car and truck collide in Port Kembla. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

The Getz, now caught in front of the truck, skids and turns onto a traffic island. Both cars come to an abrupt stop.

It’s not clear if the Getz tried to change lanes while going around the bend.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services warns anyone driving a car to be cautious of turning into the path of large trucks.

Road safety rules laid out by the RMS states drivers must always give way to trucks displaying a “do not overtake turning vehicle” sign, even when in the left lane.

“You need to be careful of all large, heavy vehicles that are turning. If you put your vehicle in the path of a turning vehicle you may be crushed,” the service’s website says.

On Facebook, people called out the “scary” driving actions of the Getz driver, with some accusing them of switching lanes while turning the corner, and others saying the driver failed to give-way.

“The Getz driver is lucky he has done something stupid at low speed rather than at 100km an hour,” one man wrote.

Other people said the Getz driver had “no clue” and was both “silly” and “stupid”.

“Some people should not have a licence,” one woman wrote.

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