Shopper wows with half-price produce haul amid soaring prices: 'Amazing'

A savvy shopper has revealed how she scored an impressive fresh produce haul for almost half the price charged by supermarkets amid soaring grocery prices.

The bargain hunter scored around $117 worth of fresh fruit and vegetables for $54 by opting to purchase a box of misshapen produce online instead of buying from a supermarket.

Content of Funky Food fresh produce box
One savvy shopper scored $117 worth of fresh produce for just $54 by purchasing a box of less aesthetically pleasing produce from Funky Food. Source: Facebook/Getty

"If you haven't already heard of Funky Food AU jump on it," wrote the shopper in a Facebook post.

"$54 delivered to your door for all this produce that would otherwise be going to landfill because it doesn't look pretty enough for the shops," she wrote.

The shopper snapped a photo of the fresh produce she received in her $54 box from Funky Food, which included avocados, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, bananas, apples, lemons, oranges, capsicum, onions and even iceberg lettuce.

"I think currently it's Brisbane based only but if enough of us all get on board I'm sure they'll expand! Spot the whole lettuce," joked the shopper.

Shopper shares secret to $63 saving on fresh produce

The Brisbane shopper told Yahoo News Australia that she first discovered the Funky Food service when scrolling through Instagram.

"I stumbled across it on Instagram, maybe a sponsored ad, and this was the first box I've received. I think they're a reasonably new company – a few months maybe," she explained.

She said she would "absolutely" recommend the service to Aussie shoppers who are trying to save on groceries amid rising prices.

Contents of Funky Food Madness fresh produce box
The shopper saved $63 by buying the Funky Food Madness Box. Source: Funky Food

When asked how she calculated the $63 saving, the shopper revealed she input the items she received in the box into the Woolworths app and it came to $117.

"Plus the items I got are much larger than supermarket produce so it would be an even bigger saving if you went by weight," she revealed.

She also explained that purchasing fresh produce from Funky Food saves the "funny-looking" fruit and vegetables from going into landfill.

Shoppers blown away by fruit and veggie haul

Hundreds of Aussie shoppers were blown away by the Brisbane fruit and veggie delivery service, with people claiming it was "awesome" and "ABSOLUTELY amazing".

"This is such an amazing idea," wrote one shopper.

"This goes to landfill? We are utterly spoilt! Nothing wrong with those items at all," wrote a second.

"That lettuce is worth the price by itself lol," joked a third.

Bare fresh produce aisle in the supermarket
The shopper's bargain find comes as supply chain issues affect the availability and cost of fresh produce in major supermarkets. Source: Getty

What is Funky Food?

Funky Food is a Brisbane-based delivery service for people who can purchase "funny-looking" fruit and vegetables which would otherwise be destined for landfill at a discounted price.

According to Funky Food, the service sources high-quality produce from Australian farms – meaning customers are supporting local farmers with every box.

The company claims that its produce costs "30 to 50 per cent" less than normal-looking produce at a supermarket.

Who offers imperfect fresh produce near you?

Some Facebook users lamented that Funky Food only delivers to customers in Brisbane and the surrounding area.

However, other shoppers shared alternatives for those not based in Brisbane, such as Farmers Pick who deliver throughout Sydney and Melbourne and Sydney-based operators Good and Fugly.

Harris Farm Markets launched their Imperfect Picks range in 2014, with products available online and in-store for customers across NSW and Queensland.

Meanwhile Coles and Woolworths also offer discounted imperfect-looking fresh produce nationally as part of their I'm Perfect and The Odd Bunch ranges respectively.

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