Shopper hits out at 'wasteful' Woolworths delivery

A Woolworths customer has taken aim at the grocery giant for ignoring their request for a plastic bag free home delivery.

The customer took to Woolworths Facebook page on Saturday to question why so many plastic bags were used for fresh produce and items already packaged in plastic.

“I asked for no plastic bags in my online shop and it came like this,” the customer wrote, along with three images of groceries divided in plastic bags, including fresh produce and prepackaged meat.

“Why would you wrap meat in a plastic bag that is already in plastic? And a single avocado? Such waste,” the frustrated shopper added.

The Woolworths customer was frustrated by the 'wasteful' delivery. Source: Facebook/Woolworths

Woolworths promote their commitment to ‘creating a greener future’ on their website and allow home delivery customers to opt for a ‘crate to bench’ service, eliminating the need for most plastic by delivering items in crates instead of reusable plastic bags.

“We'll pack your delivery order directly into our crates and then unpack it when we arrive,” the Woolworths website states.

Food safety requirements

However Woolworths also said that due to food safety reasons, if a customer selects for the delivery to be left unattended “some products will still be packed into produce or reusable bags”.

It’s unclear if the customer was home to collect the groceries or if they were left unattended.

It’s not the first time supermarket customers have questioned the need for excessive plastic packaging.

'I asked for no plastic bags in my online shop and it came like this,' the Woolworths customer wrote. Source: Facebook

A Coles customer was recently left baffled when six bananas arrived in four separate plastic bags.

While some customers feel plastic packaging is harmful to the environment and unnecessary to protect certain fresh produce, others have pointed out the ‘plastic tax’ customers are paying for the convenience of prepackaged items.

Woolworths Australia did respond to the customer on social media and said they would investigate the delivery.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Woolworths for comment.

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