Shocking dashcam of truck driver 'bullying' car off road

A truck driver has allegedly “bullied” a car off a Queensland road after tailgating him for several kilometres.

Shocking footage shows the driver of the car, Riley Hawken, pull over to the side of the road as the truck comes dangerously close beside him while overtaking.

Mr Hawken told 7 News Online he doesn't know what the driver's "motive" was.

Riley Hawken said he was being tailgated for several kilometres. Source: Facebook

"I wasn't driving under the speed limit or over, I was sitting dead on 100 kilometres," he said.

The incident happened about 20km north of Rockhampton in Queensland on Tuesday afternoon at about 4.30pm.

Mr Hawken said he had overtaken the truck earlier along with several other cars.

He claims the truck then tailgated him for about 30 minutes with his high beam flashing on and off.

"I eventually got sick of it so I pulled into a turning lane," he said.

The truck came dangerously close to the car. Source: Facebook

"He then indicated to pull into that lane too, but then indicated again and went back out onto the road.

"I don't know if he was stopping to have a chat with me or not."

A Queensland Police spokesperson told 7 News Online any incidents of this nature should be reported to police as soon as possible.

"We want to remind all road users of their responsibility to drive safely at all times and respect each other behind the wheel," the spokesperson said.

"Tailgating and other dangerous driving is not tolerated in Queensland and anyone who feels threatened by someone else’s driving behaviour should try and take note of the vehicle’s registration and report it to police as soon as possible."

Mr Hawken said while he was a bit scared when the truck driver was following him so closely, he said he was also confused.

Mr Hawken said truck drivers should be more careful. Source: Facebook

"I thought maybe I did something wrong and I didn't know, but I don't see how," he said.

He added that truck drivers should be cautious around other road users.

"I think sometimes they don't realise how intimidating they are on the road," he said.

"I don't think they understand or appreciate how it is to road users when they act in that way."