Sheree Beasley's mother disgusted by killer's claims of innocence

Brendan Roberts

The mother of murdered Rosebud girl Sheree Beasley says she is sickened by the latest claims from the man convicted of killing her.

Robert Arthur Selby Lowe is serving a life sentence for the murder of six-year-old Sheree Beasley, who was lured to her death as she rode her bike to a milkbar in 1991.

Faded photographs, memories and chapters in true crime books are all that Kerri Greenhill has left to connect with her lost daughter, Sheree.

"Life's not the same without your first born," she said.

"We had to move away from Melbourne, it was too much, the memories were too much to deal with."

But those painful recollections have now resurfaced.

Sheree Beasley was abducted and then murdered as she rode to a milkbar in 1991. Photo: 7News Library

As revealed by 7News last night, Lowe penned a letter from inside Ararat Prison, proclaiming his innocence and calling for the case to be re-investigated.

But Kerri says she knows he is guilty and hopes he rots in hell.

In the 23 years that have passed, Kerri's opinion of her daughter's killer hasn't changed.

"He is evil, he is not a man," she said.

Sheree's younger sister, Jacinta, says even Kerri's joy at being a grandmother, is tinged with sadness.

"My second, youngest daughter, reminds my mum of Sheree every single day," Jacinta said. "It's upsetting because they look very similar."

Kerri says Lowe's claims of innocence are baseless.

"The police had it on tape, where he re-enacted going back to Sheree, how he killed her, and he's saying he didn't do it," she said.

Surprisingly though, she says she would like to meet Lowe face-to-face.

"If I had one wish, one wish, it would be to go and see him and ask him why, why, why?"