Sex worker 'bludgeoned to death with stiletto, razor blade'

Deanna Williams

Chilling pictures show the Adelaide hotel room where sex worker Ting Fang was brutally murdered.

A jury has been told Ms Fang was bludgeoned with her own stiletto and had her throat slashed with a razor blade, but a motive remains unclear.

Ting Fang. Photo: 7 News
Chungaung Puao was allegedly Ms Fang's last client. Photo: 7 News
Police footage shows clothes strewn across the floor of the hotel room. Photo: 7 News

Police video of room 1219 at the Grand Chancellor Hotel, where the bloodied body of the 25-year-old Sydney based escort was found on New Year's Day 2015, shows clothes strewn across the floor and an apparent blood stain on the mattress.

Her body lay alongside the stripped bed, a blood-stained razor blade was found wrapped in baby wipes and bloodied sheets were found in the bath with the water left running.

Chungaung Piao, 27, of Allenby Gardens, was allegedly her last client. He has been charged with her murder.

Prosecutor Tim Preston told the court Ms Fang was struck repeatedly to the head and face with her own stiletto and had her throat slashed by a single-edge razor blade severing her windpipe and two main arteries.

The prosecution will allege Piao's right thumb print was found on Ms Tang's shoe and his DNA in her handbag.

Dramatic photos show inside the blood-stained hotel room. Photo: 7 News
Ms Fang was allegedly bludgeoned to death with her own shoe. Photo: 7 News

The jury was told he had made a one-hour booking through a local escort agency.

The court heard that when Piao arrived at the hotel room he requested an extension to the booking from one hour to an overnight stay and was prepared to pay handsomely for it, $2100- $600 more than he needed to.

But other security pictures allegedly show Piao leaving the hotel two and a half hours later running to his car.