Seven News dedicates Kennedy Awards win to victims of Sydney siege

7News reporter Chris Reason.

The Seven News team has dedicated their Kennedy Awards win to the victims of the Sydney siege.

The prestigious awards for Australian journalism recognised the news team for their coverage of the hostage crisis in December 2014.

7News Journalist Chris Reason and NSW News Director Chris Willis accepted the Harry Potter award for outstanding television news reporting.

While delivering the acceptance speech Chris Reason dedicated the award to the victims of the siege tragedy.

“We didn’t know them, we didn’t have that pleasure and that honour,” he said.

“This one is for them”.

News Director Chris Willis praised both his staff and thanked other news organisations who offered to help when the news team were evacuated from their offices opposite Lindt Café.

“It very seldom happens but on that day we had offers of assistance, genuine offers from every news service in the city,” he told the audience.

7News cameraman Greg Parker also won the Gary Ticehurst award for outstanding news camera coverage.

“I know I speak for all of us here that we with the siege never happened,” Mr Parker said.

“The words ‘window two, hostage down’ still echo through my head. The pictures are still vivid”.

Mr Parker thanked the other members of the 7News team and praised the people of Sydney who made such a powerful statement with their floral tribute in the days following the tragedy.

He reserved his final thanks for the emergency service workers who keep us safe.

“You are the reason I now sleep so soundly at night,” he said.

Congratulations to the news team.