Seven deadly snakes found slithering among toys on five-year-old girl's bed

One Melbourne family received the shock of their life when seven deadly snakes were pulled from their five-year-old girl's bed.

Shocking footage shows snake catcher Raymond Hoser grab the two adult snakes and five babies with his bare hands after removing some of the girl's toys to uncover them.

The copperhead snakes are venomous and even the babies can be deadly. But they are not usually found inside people's beds, Mr Hoser said.

The snakes were hiding behind the girl's toys. Source: YouTube

"Copperheads are useless climbers", he told the Daily Mail.

He said tiger snakes and red bellies are more likely to be found in the sheets.

The self-titled Snakeman said the snakes could have got up onto the bed using a mess that was next to it.

"When they said in the bed I thought it was an escaped pet or a rubber snake," he said.

The Snake Man captured the snakes. Source: YouTube

Mr Hoser, who runs Snakebusters, says he catches between 300 and 400 snakes a year - and in Melbourne 99 per cent of the snakes he finds are deadly.

Brown snakes, tiger snakes and copperheads - which can be found in the Victorian capital - are among the top five deadliest snakes in the world, he said.

Hr Hoser added that even a baby copperhead can be deadly.

There were seven snakes on the bed. Source: YouTube