Secretary who stole $500,000 from Sydney doctor jailed

A secretary who conned more than half a million dollars from a prominent Sydney eye doctor has been jailed for up to 16 months.

The Magistrate said Joanne Ayoub's actions, which allowed her to live a life of luxury, were motivated by greed.

A medical episode cut short her sentencing just seven months ago but on Monday she was back at court to learn her fate.

The medical secretary was convicted of swindling $600,000 from a prominent Sydney doctor through fraudulent bank transfers, with his money paying for her lavish lifestyle.

Ms Ayoub was living a life of luxury. Source: 7 News
She was sentenced to 16 months jail. Source: 7 News

On Monday she was handed a 16 month jail sentence and ordered to pay back $180,000.

"There is no evidence of need from the offender - I can only find these offences were committed for greed," the Magistrate said.

Her lawyer said she wasn't well. Source: 7 News

The victim, Dr Paul Beaumont, wasn't in court on Monday but told 7 News he was relieved Ms Ayoub is going to jail.

His only wish is that she got a longer sentence.

PICTURED: A life of luxury. Source: 7 News