Seattle cop fired over racist slurs toward Chinese neighbor


Officer Burton Hill of the Seattle Police Department (SPD) was terminated after an investigation by the Office of Police Accountability (OPA) into his racist remarks and threats toward his Chinese American neighbor, Zhen Jin, in August 2022. The incident occurred during an altercation between the neighbors over alleged food scraps left outside.

  • Hill's partner, Agnes Miggins, initiated the confrontation by pounding on Zhen’s door, accusing her of leaving bones that posed a threat to their dog. In audio recorded by Zhen, Burton was reportedly heard calling her a “dumb f*cking ch*nk” and threatening to put her in jail.

  • Hill, who was off-duty and intoxicated at the time, was found guilty of unprofessional behavior and biased policing, though claims that he misused his law enforcement status for personal gain were deemed inconclusive. Former Police Chief Adrian Diaz decided to fire Hill on May 2, 2024 — before his own removal from the position — while Interim Chief Sue Rahr confirmed Hill’s termination on May 13.

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