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Sea World celebrates polar bear cub milestones

The first polar bear cub to be born in Queensland has attempted walking according to Sea World staff.

Keeper Kerrie Gaskin said the cub, who turned one-month-old on Sunday, has also been making strange noises from inside the den.

"We have seen a number of changes in the cub over the last few weeks like the first vocalisations which include the cutest little growl," she said in a media release.

"We are also seeing the face of the cub change with the ears now protruding and the nose turning from pink to black.

"Each day the cub is becoming stronger and more mobile, starting to test its legs and push itself up into a sitting position."

The unnamed cub, whose sex is yet to be identified, has tripled in weight since its birth last month.

Despite all the positivity over the growth and development, Ms Gaskin said the 150 days are critical.

She said the cub's mum, Liya, was "continuing to display positive maternal behaviours."