Scotland's skies aglow with rare clouds

Noctilucent clouds at Horgabost beach in the Western Isles
Alloa-based BBC Weather Watcher Mr C took this image of noctilucent clouds after midnight from Horgabost beach in the Western Isles. [Mr C/BBC Weather Watchers]

Noctilucent clouds have been spotted from Scotland over the past few weeks.

The Met Office says the clouds are extremely rare and form in summer high up in the Earth's atmosphere.

The Latin name means "night shining" and the clouds usually appear bluish or silvery in colour.

They have been seen from the Western Isles, north-east Scotland and the Scottish Borders.

Noctilucent clouds from Aberdeen
A photograph of the rare clouds taken from Aberdeen. [Mercury Blue/BBC Weather Watchers]
Night sky over Wick
Wick has been among places where the clouds have been spotted. [Oz/BBC Weather Watchers]
Noctilucent clouds over Rogart
An image taken from Rogart in Sutherland. [Cogies Auroras/BBC Weather Watchers]
Noctilucent clouds pictured from Hamilton, Lanarkshire
Andrew Lindsay's picture was taken from Hamilton, Lanarkshire. [Andrew Lindsay]
Noctilucent clouds from Daliburgh
A dramatic night sky pictured from Daliburgh, South Uist. [South Uist Vibes/BBC Weather Watchers]
Noctilucent clouds pictured from Uig, Lewis
Jennifer Brown's picture of the clouds at Uig, Lewis. [Jennifer Brown]
Noctilucent clouds pictured from Coldstream
An image taken from Coldstream in the Scottish Borders. [Requiem/BBC Weather Watchers]

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