Manawa Dam in Wisconsin appears to be ‘intact’ after flash flooding raised concerns about the structure, authorities say

Residents along portions of Wisconsin’s Little Wolf River were allowed to return home Friday, after authorities said the Manawa Dam was “compromised and has major damage,” prompting them to urge evacuations earlier in the day.

Although water was seen flowing around and over the top of the dam, video from CNN affiliate WGBA showed, a later assessment found the dam to be “intact,” according to officials.

A Facebook post late Friday from Manawa Police Chief Jason Severson said, “residents can return home,” and the “situation is stabilized” after officials raised concerns of the integrity of the dam.

Due to wider flash flooding in the area, the city cautioned people against being on the roads. “Because of the amount of rain we are receiving that there will be flooding in the streets and yards,” the city said. “It is everywhere in the city.”

“Vehicles are being flooded on the roads around the city,” the post read. “Union Street is Flooded. N. Bridge Street is Flooded. Beech Street is washed away. Howard Street is flooded. Industrial Drive is flooded.”

Authorities warned residents not to drive through flooded areas and to refrain from wading through running water to avoid any possible contaminants.

Manawa Police said they received reports of motorists being stranded, adding “First responders noticed land near the dam eroding.”

“This is still an active situation,” Severson said. “I think the worst of it is over, so now we are going to start assessing things and seeing where we go from here.”

The chief added though a “quite a bit of erosion” was visible on the dam’s north side, “it does feel like the bridge (downstream) is safe for travel.”

Earlier Friday, the City of Manawa said in a post on Facebook public health officials declared a boil water advisory for Manawa and the surrounding areas as a precautionary measure.

Manawa, with a population over 1,400, is located 50 miles west of Green Bay.

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