Savage death announcement in Adelaide newspaper: 'Rot in hell'

The newspaper has apologised to the man's loved ones, saying the notice was published in error.

A scathing obituary marking the death of a 76-year-old man has been published in an Adelaide newspaper, with disgruntled family members ensuring their feelings were made public.

On Saturday, readers of The Advertiser could have easily missed the announcement posted in small print on the tribute page, yet it stood out for being in vast contrast to those surrounding it.

The notice marked the death of Peter George Leonard Welsh, who was born on November 15, 1947 and died last Wednesday, aged 76. It read: "Lived 76 years too long. A man who only wanted his 'little ray of twisted sunshine' (narcissist with a superior complex). ROT IN HELL".

The death announcement can be read on the left hand side, with the longer version seen on the right.
The scathing death announcement was printed in The Advertiser newspaper on Saturday. Source: The Advertiser and Reddit/stefatr0n

An extended digital version reportedly posted online by the publication said the man "abandoned" his four children and "only had time" for another, with the person's relation to Mr Welsh unknown. "We can all breathe a sign of relief," the notice concluded.

Out of the ordinary obituary posted online

One reader who did spot the unusual tribute in the newspaper snapped a picture and posted it on Reddit, with many sharing their opinion on the death announcement.

"Welp, not everyone is a standup person. I don't see anything wrong with printing this," one user wrote, while another shared a similar sentiment. "Not even that savage really. Public service announcement, you don't need to be polite to someone who's dead, especially if they've wronged you and they deserve to be called out."

While others admitted they were shocked by the tribute notice, with obituaries usually speaking fondly of those who have passed. "Yikes. Really? Surprised they allowed this to be printed."

The Advertiser's apology: 'Moderation failure'

It is unclear how the newspaper were alerted of the death announcement, however, in Tuesday's paper they included a statement in the tribute page acknowledging their "error". They citied a "moderation failure" for the reason the unsavoury tribute was printed, saying they take their role of ensuring notices are published correctly "very seriously", before apologising.

The tribute page of Tuesdays newspaper can be seen, with various death announcements and tributes, beside the 'Tribute Error' announcement from the publication.
The Advertiser apologised for the death announcement in Tuesday's newspaper, saying a 'moderation' issue allowed the tribute to be printed. Source: The Advertiser

"We would like to express our sincerest apologises for this error occurring and for the distress this has caused to the family and friends of Peter," the announcement read.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted The Advertiser for comment.

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