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'Brilliant' death notice for Queensland man praised: 'I did it my way'

A "brilliant" death notice for a Queensland grandfather has gone viral and some people are joking about changing their weekend plans to attend his "piss-up".

Stephen Ralph Morris died on September 10 at age 75.

His death notice was published in the Courier Mail earlier this week and shared on Reddit where it was praised for being "brilliantly written".

In it he is described as being a "trying, yet loving" son to his parents, "annoying yet protective" to his younger siblings, and a "bewildering yet loveable" husband to his three wives.

He also had some "questionable yet ever-entertaining" parenting methods for his six children and seven grandchildren.

The death notice for Stephen Ralph Morris.
The death notice for Stephen Ralph Morris was appreciated in all its glory on Reddit. Source: Reddit/u/Conscious-Cry12567

"Storyteller, poet, larger than life...thanks for the memories, you crazy bastard. We love you and miss you," it reads.

The death notice also described Mr Morris as a "mongrel to his many mates" and referenced his "partner in crime", Daryl, or "Dismal Dizzy".

Family opts for party instead of funeral

Possibly the best part was the mention of what will be taking place instead of the funeral.

"No funeral will be held as per Steve's request," the death notice says, instead there will be a "piss-up" at a tavern this weekend.

One Redditor joked that if their plans fall through they will be going to the party wearing a "fun shirt" for "Mozzie", as they used to call him.

Despite "never meeting to the bloke, I feel I owe it to him", they said.

"I'll turn up if 'we' can genuinely get in contact with someone from the family and they think the idea is good," another person said.

"I don't want to spoil their farewell, but if it enhances it with one last raucous story, what fun!"

Someone else seemed to think Stephen would approve of randoms turning up to celebrate his life.

The death notice ends with a quote, which appears to be from Mr Morris himself.

"I did it my way," it says.

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