Samsung reveals world first 'water proof' smart phone

Djuro Sen

Samsung has revealed its new smart phone and a world first – you can unlock it with your eyes in less than a second and it is so water proof you can take photos and videos underwater.

It is the final frontier for selfies – a smartphone that really works underwater.

“You can take the phone down to a metre of water,” Phil Newton from Samsung Australia said.

“It still works perfectly well.”

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 was revealed in New York on Wednesday morning, but 7 News got to play with one at Sydney Aquarium and at a beach, where many-a-phone has been the victim of sand and surf.

This is a game changing phone that means you may no longer have to worry about losing a piece of hardware worth over $1000.

According to one survey, one in five people have dropped their phones into the toilet.

The Note7 has iris scanning to unlock the device, authorise payments or hide documents.

“You can lock it away in a secure folder which is only accessibly with your eyeballs,” Mr Newton said.

With Apple’s new iPhone just weeks away, it is clear what Samsung has its eye on.