Revealed: The suburbs that voted 'no' to same-sex marriage

While Australia has voted an overwhelming 'yes' to same-sex marriage, 17 of the 150 electoral divisions recorded a majority 'no' response.

NSW had the lowest recorded 'Yes' result for any state or territory across the nation in the survey at 57.8 per cent.

The top seven electorates to vote 'no' were in NSW with Blaxland, in Sydney's west, showing the highest opposition to same sex marriage at 74 per cent.

17 of the 150 divisions recorded a majority 'no' response. Photo: ABS

Following Blaxland was neighbouring Watson, on 70 per cent and McMahon, also in Sydney's west, on 65 per cent.

Werriwa, which includes the suburbs of Ashcroft and Cecil Hills in Sydney's southwest, had 64 per cent 'no' votes.

Similarly, the division of Fowler, with suburbs such as Cabramatta and Liverpool in southwest Sydney, had 64 per cent opposing same-sex marriage.

In Victoria, Calwell, northwest of Melbourne, was the electorate with the strongest 'no' support at 57 per cent.

Maranoa had the most 'No' voters in Queensland, followed by Kennedy and Groom.

The ABS revealed 7.8 million Australians voted 'yes,' against a 4.9 million who voted 'no.'

The seat of Melbourne, which includes the city's CBD, had the country's highest 'Yes' vote with 84 per cent in support of same-sex marriage.

The top seven electorates to vote 'no' were in NSW. Photo AAP

South Australia had 62 per cent voting 'yes' and Western Australia was just above at 63.7 per cent.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the results of the voluntary postal survey on Wednesday, with 79.5 per cent of Australians taking part in the poll.

"This is a proud day for Australia in many respects, not because of the vote but because of the participation of our citizens," NSW Labor spokesman Michael Daley said in parliament.