Sad diagnosis for man after heart-shaped mark found on lung

There has been a sad diagnosis for a man after doctors found an object shaped like a love heart while examining his lungs.

The man, 63, was hospitalised in Turkey at an outpatient nuclear medicine clinic for staging imaging, according to his case in the New England Journal of Medicine.

A heart-shaped lesion seen on a man's lung during a CT scan.
Doctors noticed this heart-shaped lesion on a man's lungs. Source: New England Journal of Medicine

A staging scan tells doctors how big a cancer cell has grown.

In this case, the man had lung cancer and 16 days before the photo was taken he had been diagnosed with squamous-cell carcinoma of the lung.

“He had not yet received treatment,” researchers wrote.

“Positron-emission tomography–computed tomography revealed a heart-shaped lesion in the right upper lobe.

Doctors didn’t find any other lesions and he had lobes removed from his lungs along with other surgeries.

He was only in hospital for a further five days before discharge.

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