WATCH: Violent brawl in busy Adelaide intersection caught on camera

A violent road rage brawl has been caught on camera in Adelaide's west.

Dashcam footage shows two men involved in a heated discussion at a busy intersection in Hendon at around 10pm on Wednesday.

The two men can be seen remonstrating with one another at a set of traffic lights at the intersection between West Lakes Boulevard and Tapleys Hills Road.

Two men can be seen arguing with one another before the brawl breaks out. Source: 7 News

One man, wearing a black T-shirt, is pointing at a vehicle when the heated argument escalates when a third man walks into shot.

The man in the black shirt then throws a punch at the other man.

The two men then grapple with each other as one is thrown to the ground as the third man tries to intervene alongside another bystander.

The two men then recklessly swing punches with very few making contact before the lights turn green and the traffic begins to move.

Police say the victim of the attack reported the incident to Henley Beach police shortly after.

Officers are now investigating whether charges will be laid.

Two more men appear and the four involved in a scuffle in the middle of the road. Source: 7 News