Russia prepares to start test-firing nuclear missile 'Satan 2'

It's believed Russia is preparing to start test-firing a nuclear missile, dubbed Satan 2, capable of extreme destruction.

Russian news agency Zvezda has claimed the RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile is "capable of wiping out parts of the earth the size of Texas or France".

It's said that it will be able to speed past every missile defence system due to its higher speed performance.

Source: TASS Russian News Agency
Source: TASS Russian News Agency

The Register claims the missile is expected to have an estimated range of 10,000km and tips the scales at 100 tonnes.

It's claimed field trials will begin sometime in the Summer at the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

The missile is intended to completely replace the existing R-36M, which NATO military experts reportedly nicknamed "Satan", by 2020.

Source: TASS Russian News Agency
Source: TASS Russian News Agency

"In this sense, the Sarmat missile will not only become the R-36M's successor, but also to some extent it will determine in which direction nuclear deterrence in the world will develop," Zvezda reportedly said.

Reports claim the missile has been in development since 2009.

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