Reports Russian 'big daddy' four times size of 'mother of all bombs'

As the US military celebrate their “mother of all bombs” killing 36 ISIS militants, it has been reported that Russia’s is four times bigger.

Introducing “the father of all bombs” or "big daddy" or more technically known as the Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power.

The news comes just days after the US successfully destroyed a supposed IS weapons base in Afghanistan, the largest non-nuclear bomb ever fired by the military.

Not to be outdone, Russia’s “big daddy” is reportedly four times bigger than the MOAB, carrying 44 tonnes of TNT and explodes in a similar fashion to the US bomb.

Tensions between the two world leaders are close to boiling point.

Due to the sheer number of explosives reportedly crammed inside it, the bomber-dropped beast can cause a similar blast to a nuclear weapon.

“All that is alive merely evaporates,” Russian staff Deputy Chief General Alexander Rukshin previously said in describing the bomb.

The bomb was test-fired by the Russians in 2007 where the temperature produced by the blast was also twice as high than that produced by the MOAB.

The $21 million
America's GBU-43/B is the largest non-nuclear bomb they have ever deployed in combat. Source: AFP

Following the successful MOAB strike, President Trump spoke proudly of US military capabilities and took a thinly veiled shot at President Obama’s reluctance to use it.

“Everybody knows exactly what happened. What I do is I authorise my military. We have the greatest military in the world and they’ve done a job as usual,” Trump told a press conference in Atlanta on Thursday (local time).

“If you look at what’s happened over the last eight weeks and compare that really to what’s happened over the past eight years, you’ll see there’s a tremendous difference, tremendous difference."