Runaway goat causes goose chase at Adelaide Airport

A runaway goat sparked a goose chase at Adelaide Airport on Monday morning.

The goat managed to escape while it was being loaded into a crate about 7.30am.

An Adelaide Airport spokesman said it took authorities 15 minutes to recapture the goat.

The site caused amusement for those waiting for flights as they watched the chase.

Photo: ABC News Twitter

The spokesman said the goat incident did not cause major flight delays, despite claims from some passengers that there were 'longer-than-expected' delays.

"There were no disruptions to services and the goat remained mostly on a regional tarmac towards the back of the terminal," the spokesman told local media.

"It wasn't the main part of the tarmac."

It's believed the goat was bound for export aboard an aircraft headed to either Malaysia or Singapore.