Rottweiler attack victim's tribute to 'dangerous' pets

Nikita Piil is lucky to be alive following the attack by her pet rottweilers. But life, she says, is not the same without them.

The young Aussie woman who was savagely attacked by her pet Rottweilers has shared a heartbreaking tribute to the pets who nearly killed her.

Nikita Piil, 31, almost lost an arm and suffered severe head and leg injuries after she was mauled by her two dogs, Bronx and Harlem, at her home in Perth on September 16 last year.

Seven-year-old Bronx was shot by attending police officers after attempts to taser the dog failed. Harlem, her surviving dog, was put down days later after being deemed a “dangerous dog”.

Nikita Piil in hospital (left) and her hugging one of her pet rottweilers.
Nikita Piil was rushed to hospital for several life-saving surgeries after the horror attack by her pet rottweilers. Source: GoFundMe/Facebook

Six months on from the incident, Nikita shared a heartbreaking tribute on her social media to say that she is ‘nothing’ without her beloved pets despite what happened.

“Harlem & Bronx, you made me the proudest Rottweiler Mama on the planet,” she wrote, adding “I am nothing without you.”

Tragic details of attack

Nikita narrowly avoided death during the incident that left her mauled. Her family revealed after the incident that she was attempting to calm down the dogs following an incident with a neighbour when she inadvertently “got caught in the crosswire” and became the victim of the attack.

She was discovered by neighbours who heard her screams. Despite attempts to assist the 31-year-old, the dogs continued to maul her until police intervened.

Neighbour Bryn Spencer told the ABC at the time he was unable to save her over fears for his own safety.

“I was contemplating jumping the fence and getting in there to rescue her but obviously there were two rottweilers in there … I would have been ripped apart,” he said.

“All I could really do was watch this girl get mauled apart while I was smacking the fence with a bat … while (another neighbour) was hosing the dog.”

The attack continued until police stepped in.

Bronx and Harlem had ripped up some turf. Picture: Facebook
Rottweilers Bronx and Harlem in their backyard where the attack happened. Picture: Facebook

Backlash after 'ban' calls

The rottweiler attack led to a push from federal MPs to ban the breed in Australia causing backlash from owners of the breed. Leading the push was former opposition leader Bill Shorten who described the dogs as "sharks on legs".

“You should ban some of these breeds," he said of dogs at the time. “It’s been proven that owners can’t control all of them.”

But dog owners told Yahoo the notion was "extreme" and "completely over the top".

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