Devastating setback for young woman mauled by pet rottweilers

The family have provided an update revealing the latest battle for dog attack victim Nikita Piil.

The young Perth woman who was attacked by her two pet rottweiler dogs is now facing another setback as she continues to "fight for her life".

Nikita Piil, 31, was mauled by her dogs Bronx and Harlem on September 16 after getting "caught in a crossfire" while trying to "calm them down" at her Perth home.

A photo of Nikita Piil with one of her dogs.
Nikita Piil has encountered a new complication while in hospital after being mauled by her two dogs in her Perth home. Source: Facebook

Neighbours discovered her after hearing her screams, but their attempts to help were sadly unsuccessful and the pets continued to maul her until police intervened. Officers fired tasers at the animals, which failed, and were then forced to shoot, with one of the dogs being euthanised due to his serious injuries.

Devastating twist sees Perth woman suffer infection

After the incident Nikita was rushed to hospital where she received care, however in a bizarre development, the family are saying she is experiencing "serious complications" from the bacteria in her dogs' teeth.

"It has been a tough 12 days since the event that has changed Nikita’s life forever," they said in an update on Thursday in her GoFundMe.

Nikita Piil lies in a hospital bed holding a teddy where she continues to fight for her life.
Nikita Piil's family shared an image from hospital where she continues to fight for her life. Source: Go Fund Me

"Unfortunately, she didn’t brush her dog’s teeth that morning, so the canine bacterial infections are manifesting and creating ongoing serious complications."

Nikita is fighting to "keep her arm and life," having undergone five emergency surgeries for a total of 13 hours, "with countless more on the horizon as she continues to fight to keep her arm and life".

"We nearly lost our precious girl a couple of times... but as you all know, Nikita is our little fighter," they said. "The rehabilitation journey ahead will be painful, long and costly." So far, more than $15,000 has been raised of the $30,000 target for surgeries and rehabilitation costs.

Breeder's theory on how mauling happened

According to her family and friends, Nikita was "adored by her dogs," with the breeder of Harlem believing "there must have been a dog fight between the two dogs".

"I feel that maybe the owner has got involved to try and separate the dogs and somehow gotten in between it. It’s not likely that a rottweiler would attack anybody for no reason,” they told The West Australian.

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