Roseanne Fulton free on bail after assault

A mentally impaired Aboriginal woman who was until recently held indefinitely in a West Australian prison has been granted bail after allegedly assaulting three police officers in Alice Springs over the weekend.

Roseanne Fulton, 24, was last week sent home to Alice Springs to live under the supervised care of staff from the Northern Territory Health Department.

She had been detained in Kalgoorlie Prison for almost two years after she was charged over crashing a stolen car, but was deemed unfit to stand trial because she has fetal alcohol syndrome disorder (FASD) and the mental age of a young child.

But on Sunday, she was arrested after the NT Police received a report of criminal damage to a residence and the assault of a security guard in Alice Springs.

She allegedly assaulted three officers in the Alice Springs Watch House after her arrest.

The ABC reported that, at a bail hearing on Friday, prosecutors argued she had been consuming alcohol since her return to the NT and was prone to violence when drunk.

But her lawyers succeeded in securing her bail, and she will reappear before the court again next month.