Rookie police officer gives lieutenant racy lap dance at Christmas party

A wild holiday party is under investigation over a risque act between a rookie police officer and a lieutenant that has since gone viral.

The female officer from the New York Police Department (NYPD) was filmed performing a raunchy lap dance for a lieutenant, much to the shock of other attendees.

The lieutenant is seated in the middle of a dance floor while his colleagues stand in a circle around the pair.

An officer gives a lap dance to a lieutenant in the middle of a dancefloor.
The officer was filmed giving a lap dance to a lieutenant at their work Christmas party in New York. Source: NY Daily News

The video, which began circulating online on Sunday evening (local time), shows the woman in a mini skirt, crop top and knee-high boots gyrating on the grinning lieutenant's lap.

She then turns around and straddles his leg as he put his arm around her waist.

Several people in the background appear to be filming the interaction and one man standing behind the lieutenant stands with his mouth open in shock while watching the scene unfold.

‘Oh my God!’ one person can be heard shouting, while another hands the lieutenant a wad of cash.

When the dance is over they both stand up and hug.

The officers were from the Bronx precinct, according to the NY Daily News, and the lieutenant is married with children.

He has reportedly been transferred to a different department as an investigation continues into the scandalous party.

The rookie officer joined the force earlier this year, the NY Daily News reported. It is unclear if she will be disciplined.

A female officer gyrates on an older lieutenant at their office Christmas party
Some of officers' colleagues appear to be stunned at the raunchy sight. Source: NY Daily News

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