University calls out student for ‘most inappropriate dress it's ever seen’

A university student has hit out at staff after she was called out for wearing an “inappropriate” dress to exams.

The woman, who uses the handle The Graduate Medic, on Twitter was given a “yellow card” for wearing a “short skirt” during her clinical examination at Newcastle University in the UK.

A yellow card is issued to raise concerns about patient safety or a student’s professionalism throughout the exam.

However, the dress in question comes below the knees and doesn’t show the shoulders or cleavage.

“I complained to the university, their response was ‘it was the most inappropriate dress they had ever seen’ and then stated that the examiner's word is final and the investigation is closed,” she tweeted.

“Isn’t discrimination lovely?”

In response, the university apologised for any offence caused.

“The comment was made by a role-play patient as part of an exam,” the university tweeted.

“All comments made by patients in exams are passed on to students as feedback.”

Newcastle University tweeted it should not have been a yellow card.

“We would not want any student to come away from these exams feeling remarks like this in any way reflect the values of the University, and the issues will be addressed in future examination briefings,” it tweeted.

However, the university’s statement appears to be at odds with the student’s as she claims an examiner also said the dress was inappropriate.

A woman who goes by the Twitter name of @The Graduate Medic is pictured.
A woman with the Twitter handle @The Graduate Medic has complained to Newcastle University in the UK over criticism of her choice of dress.

Either way, people on Twitter were left scratching their head with some asking if she uploaded the wrong photo.

“Have you attached the wrong photograph? That's of someone wearing pretty conservative business attire,” one man tweeted.

One woman tweeted it was “unbelievable” she was criticised over the attire.

“So long as you’re comfortable and doing a wonderful job saving lives, I don’t care what a doctor wears,” she tweeted.

Another woman called the dress “perfectly professional”.

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