Rolf Harris appears in person in London court to face abuse charges

Australian entertainer Rolf Harris has appeared in court in person for the first time since he was released from prison on bail.

Harris was released from Stafford Prison on bail on the early hours of Friday morning and is in court for a trial over abuse charges, with three alleged victims to give evidence.

He arrived at Southwark Crown Court in London today flanked by his niece.

Harris arrived at court with his niece, Jenny. Photo: AP

There was no sign of his wife or daughter however.

One alleged victim has been cross-examined in the trial so far over her claims the 87-year-old made inappropriate remarks to her in 1983.

The three accusers in this trial will not have to face Harris as they provide their statements, appearing via video link in a different room in the court complex.

The alleged victim who provided evidence today alleged as a 13-year-old she was groped on the breast by Harris at the BBC studios in London in 1983 during a Saturday morning recording of a children’s TV show.

Harris allegedly asked the woman at the time if she liked being molested on a Saturday morning.

The woman told the court Harris made the comment and he touched her breast over her shirt at the TV studio.

Pictured: A court artist sketch of Rolf Harris in the dock at Southwark Crown Court in London, where an alleged victim appeared via video link. Photo: Elizabeth Cook / PA Wire

The defence told the court the comment could have been made in a "jokey fashion".

The woman said she didn't see how that would be the case and asked who would make a joke to a 13-year-old using those sort of words.

All three of the accusers are also being forced to deny they’re seeking compensation, going through a set of strong cross-examination questions from defence lawyers, accusing them of trying to get their hands on Harris’ fortune.

The trial has entered its second week with Harris’ lawyers to present their case from Tuesday London time.