'Ridiculous': IKEA customers outraged over hundreds charged for delivery

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

Irate IKEA customers have vented their fury online after being charged extortionate amounts for home delivery.

Dozens of shoppers have taken to Facebook to criticise the furniture retailer for “ridiculous” delivery fees.

Many complained of the cost for small items being delivered over short distances.

Ikea’s delivery costs have come under fire from its customers. Source: Getty, file.

“Hey IKEA, how on earth do you figure that it costs $129 to deliver two kitchen cabinet handles 19km to my house?” Brisbane resident Jeff Hogan wrote online.

“Are they being hand delivered from Sweden by reindeer or something?” he sarcastically added.

Customers Australia-wide noted the cost of delivery far exceeded the cost of the items they were buying.

“IKEA in Canberra (online) show a charge from the ACT to where I live less than 3 hours away of $599.00 for delivery of a flat pack that costs $349.00,” Michelle Ann wrote accompanied by laughing face emojis.

Ms Ann told Yahoo7 News that while she expected to pay up to $300 for delivery to a rural area, she was was in disbelief with the amount they quoted her.

“I was pretty shocked when it was double that amount,” she said.

“After all, it’s a flat pack, it isn’t like they need to employ a couple of removalists as well as the courier to transport it.”

Ikea said they are committed to making the delivery experience better for its customers in Australia. Source: Getty

IKEA confirm high delivery charges

She also pointed out that she had purchased several heavy items from other online stores including Kmart and Amazon and had them delivered cheaply to her rural address.

“Ikea don’t give a toss,” she claimed.

She says she initially thought it was a mistake, but claims IKEA confirmed the price was correct and was out of their control, citing high costs from contractors.

“These rates are ridiculous and need to be adjusted ASAP,” another customer demanded, after claiming she was quoted $999 for delivery to Coffs Harbour.

Others even complained of being charged $20 for using the Click and Collect option from stores.

IKEA replied to the complaints on their Facebook page, telling most they will pass on their “feedback to the relevant team for review”.

Reduced fees expected with new distribution centres

The worldwide chain vowed to improve their delivery service moving forward, telling Mr Hogan Queensland would soon benefit from cheaper delivery.

“In the coming months, we will be making IKEA even more affordable and accessible through our $9 parcel service,” the company said on Facebook.

In a statement to Yahoo7 News, IKEA said its aim is to make products “more accessible to Australians”.

“Through the opening of our Customer Distribution Centres, we’re making online shopping more affordable for our customers and have rolled out delivery services, including our new $9 parcel delivery and the delivery of larger home furnishings, in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territories, Western Australia and South Australia,” the statement read.

“We will soon be rolling out similar online shopping and delivery services in Victoria and Queensland.”