Restaurant's takedown of customer who left one-star review

A restaurant owner has been praised for standing up to a customer who gave the business one star in an online review, calling the diner’s demeanour “demanding and entitled”.

The customer, known only as “Monica”, wrote a brief yet harsh evaluation along with the low star rating of the unknown eatery.

“The food was okay but the wait was terrible,” the woman wrote.

While the customer’s review and the owner’s response were written a number of months ago – a post showing both was shared online and has been viewed more than 150,000 times in the past couple of days.

According to the post, Monica’s review did not reveal the full story about the dinner she was critiquing, with the restaurant owner’s recollection of the evening being much more detailed.

The customer’s brief and arguably brutal review. Source: Imgur

The owner’s message began by thanking Monica for reaching out and then continued on claiming she was part of group of 27 who arrived 40 minutes earlier than their reservation but demanded to be seated and served immediately.

“The early arrival made it extremely difficult, but despite that fact our staff swiftly worked diligently to take care of everyones needs as best we could while taking care of other guests as well,” the response read.

“We graciously gave the group our banquet room gratis so that all the girls could be comfortably seated together to converse all they wanted.”

The owner has been praised for their response to the one-star review. Source: Imgur

The owner claims there was a 35 minute wait for food after taking orders from the entire group, explaining they are “not a fast food joint.”

“For the amount of people without having a shortened or pre-ordered menu, our crew worked very hard to get everything out in a timely manner.”

According to the restaurant owner, Monica and two other parents then insisted on separate bills despite being told when the reservation was made that this was not possible.

The woman and two parents were also allegedly “extremely rude” to the owner, bartenders and other servers and even made one cry.

“I am sorry you felt we didn’t measure up to your standards but we did the very best we could for your demanding and entitled demeanour,” the post concluded.

According to the owner, the woman named Monica and two other parents were “extremely rude” and made a staff member cry. Source: Imgur

One person online labelled the owner’s message to Monica a “great response”. 

“As a former food service worker, it makes me happy to see a manager defend their employees and put entitled customers in their place! Kudos!” another wrote.

“This really needs to happen more often,” added a different online user. 

The owner’s response was written two months after the initial review leading a number of people questioned the authenticity of the post, but another suggested the owner  “probably didn’t want to call her out at first, but bad reviews hurt business.”