Restaurant's 'female only' job advertisement sparks debate

A kebab shop's advertisement for a new staff hire has raised some eyebrows after stating they are only looking to hire a female.

The advertisement for Istanbul Kebabs and Turkish Bakery in Albany, Western Australia was spotted on Gumtree, with the job description saying the role would be "suitable" for a girl.

"Looking for female staff," the advertisement read. "Suitable for girls who can take order and look after the front".

The streetview of Kebabs and Bakery restaurant.
The restaurant in WA said they were looking for female staff only. Source: Facebook/ Gumtree

According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, it is "unlawful to advertise positions specifically for women or men, or to discriminate on the basis of sex (Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth))" in Australia.

"Gender-coded language in job advertisements may not only deter individual women from applying for certain jobs, it can also reinforce wider social beliefs about who ‘belongs’ in those jobs and who does not," the agency's website reads.


Facebook users weigh in

The job listing was shared to a Facebook group where it sparked a debate among members as to whether or not it was blatant gender bias.

"They have to have a certain ratio," one user wrote. "Obviously need more female staff to even it up."

"There are more men workers there so it’s good to level it out in my opinion with women also," agreed another.

"I don't know about sexist... but it's definitely bizarre," wrote another user. "Guess it really depends on the motive behind it, which can only be assumed without asking."

Some locals said the owners were trying to encourage more women to apply.

"From what I understand only men work there so they're actually trying to diversify," a local man said.

"He just might not be getting resumes from females, so he’s trying this," agreed another.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Istanbul Kebabs and Turkish Bakery for comment.

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