'You're a prostitute': Takeaway customer goes into meltdown over couple's kiss

A couple's PDA has sent an onlooking customer into a meltdown as the pair shared a sneaky kiss while they waited for their takeaway order.

The canoodling couple then copped a tirade of abuse coming from a woman standing on the opposite side of the room.

The man started to film her reaction:

“This is a place where you eat, not where you make out. Go get a room!"

“You’re a prostitute, don’t you have any manners, why don’t you leave b***h.

The foul-mouthed customer went into absolute meltdown during her rant. Source: LiveLeaks

“You shouldn’t be here, you’re a s**t.”

As the customer moved closer, she told the couple that they were “sexually harassing” her with their actions.

She then demanded the restaurant give her money back because staff "allowed" the PDA to happen.

“I want my money back, excuse me I just spent $20, I want a refund,” she can be seen screaming over the counter.

The ranting customer also asked for her money back for

“I could report you to your manager and you could be fired for allowing this.

The woman then threatened to “press sexual harassment and stalking charges” against the couple.