Resilient roo rescued from bay before being attack by dogs

A kangaroo is recovering after a torrid morning that saw it rescued from a Queensland waterway and then attacked by dogs as it was drying off.

A picture shows the marsupial’s head poking up behind a seawall in the Brisbane suburb of Sandgate.

Emergency crews were called to help a roo stuck in Brisbane on Thursday. Source: @QldFES/ Twitter

Fortunately emergency services were alerted and they quickly hopped into action.

“Luckily, Skippy still has a few friends ever true, and our Sandgate crew were able to work with @QldPolice to successfully help this little guy free,” Qld Fire & Emergency wrote on Twitter. 

The animal appeared to be healthy when it was rescued. Source: @QldFES/ Twitter

The animal was brought up out of the water and lifted over the edge of the seawall.

Crews received calls about the marsupial at about 7.30am on Thursday and were fortunately able to help. Source: @QldFES/ Twitter

The animal appeared to be healthy, according to a spokesperson for the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service.

The kangaroo jumped off into the bush following its scary encounter, however it is believed it was soon attacked by one dog in a yard and another on a street.

The RSPCA reports the tenacious roo had to be sedated while treated for minor injuries but is doing okay.