Rescue dog breaks world record for high-jumping

Rescue dog breaks world record for high-jumping

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Nimble the kelpie!

A Sydney rescue dog has broken the world record for extreme high-jumping.

The agile young kelpie, named Nimble, smashed the record by three and a half centimetres today.

After a quick warm-up, it only took the three-year-old dog two attempts to clear the 2.95 metre board. She scaled the purpose-built wall in merely a few seconds.

Nimble’s owner, Care Edwards, was incredibly proud of his young canine.

But the pair still have higher to reach to officially claim the Guinness World Record.

“The Guinness record is hard to get, you have to have independent witnesses, a vet to sign off the dog’s health and video evidence,” Mr Edwards told the Daily Telegraph.

“It would be fantastic to hit three metres,” he said. “Just to say we’re dunking the basketball, and get the old silhouette to rival Michael Jordan’s look.”

Mr Edwards took in the female Kelpie in when she was just six weeks old.

“She seemed like she was going to be a problem dog for suburban families so we decided she could come to our HQ,” Mr Edwards told the Daily Telegraph.

“She is very switched on and started jumping at just 14 months old.”

Nimble will try to get the record officiated at the Dog Lovers Show next month.