Renters stunned by bizarre feature in Sydney apartment

It's an unusual feature rarely seen in a rental apartment in Australia.

A private studio has hit the Sydney rental market yet one detail has baffled those on the hunt for a new home.

The rental — situated in the northern suburb of Chatswood — boasts a bus stop outside its door, a "short stroll" to the supermarket and a kitchen on the balcony, complete with the cooktop, fridge and oven all standing on the wooden decking.

"Great ventilation and abundant natural light," the listing reads.

It appears the property is only made up of an indoor room, used as a bedroom, and a bathroom, with the kitchen and laundry situated outdoors.

Images of a listed rental property show the kitchen on the balcony in Chatswood.
The unusual detail of the kitchen being set up on the balcony wasn't immediately apparent in the listing. Source: Reddit

Reaction to bizarre rental property feature

Images of the rental were shared online and many were quick to happily overlook the impracticality of eating "no dinner on rainy nights" for $365 per month. However, enthusiasm quickly waned when people suggested it was more likely that the rental price was per week.

"I hope people are not that desperate to have to settle for this," one person said.

A photo of the outdoor laundry area of the Chatswood apartment.
The laundry area can also be found on the balcony (left) which is accessible from the bedroom (right). Source: Reddit

Content creator Jordie van den Berg has spent hours exposing the country's most horrendous rentals but admitted he has never before seen a kitchen on a property's balcony, even though the area — which he is familiar with — is notoriously "full of dodgy quality control".

"I used to live near Chatswood. It's incredibly difficult to get a park and the quality of apartments are really poor. So it's not surprising, honestly," he told Yahoo News Australia. "[There are] really small, cramped kind of apartments [in the area]."

Outdoor kitchen likely to be in breach of building code

The area is populated by many university students as there are several universities nearby or easily accessible from public transport, with it suggested the property may have been student accomodation.

Despite the bizarre detail being the first of its kind in his experience, Mr van den Berg believes there is nothing illegal about the kitchen set-up in the Chatswood property, but says it would not be in compliance with the National Construction Code.

"I don't believe there are any specific sections in the residential tenancies act, but it would be in violation of the building code as well as the planning and building application from the council," he said.

Yahoo has contacted the Tenants' Union of NSW regarding the property.

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