Renters slam real estate agent's 'shameless' letter: 'Robbing people'

A Melbourne local has slammed a real estate agency for "gloating" about a property they recently leased.

"A real estate agent decided to drop this in my mailbox, gloating about the absurdly tight rental market," they said on a Reddit post with almost 3000 views.

The letter advises readers that a one bedroom, one bathroom unit was leased in the area for $475 per week – and a tenant was found after just eight hours.

“This gives us great confidence in the current market along with the increased demand," it continues.

“If this interests you, or you know of someone it may, I welcome a call.”

A photo of a letter received by a Melbourne local from a real estate agency.
A Melbourne local was not happy when he received a letter from a real estate agency "gloating" about the rental market. Reddit / crikeyguvna

People offer their thoughts to letter on social media

Many thought the mail was "shameless" and that the agent clearly didn't read the room very well."

"Just a big shoutout to the Australian government for allowing this predatory and borderline criminal behaviour to continue to transpire," one person wrote in the comments.

"Sorry just a little emotional when I’m trying to rent an apartment and these motherf*****'s asking for $580 a week for a shoebox studio! ‘That’s what the owner is asking for’ they say," the rant continued.

"Interest rates go up and the government makes more bread, then the landlords up the rent and the renters are the ones who cop the full impact of the interest rate hike. I guess I should just shut up and work 2 jobs."

Another person agreed, saying their friend is being pressured every 6 months "from the agent to increase the rental rate".

"A friend who rents out their old family home hasn’t raised the rent in years — the tenants are nice, look after property and they don’t see the need," they added.

"Robbing people who's only other option is to be homeless, what an achievement," a third person piped in.

While most people agreed with the sentiment, others didn't see the big deal with the letter, saying real estate agents were just doing their job.

"They just want your business," one person said. "Quite common on the Gold Coast for the agents to come and harass you through door knocking and ask you to sell. I’d prefer the dumb letter."

"I don’t think the agent is gloating," said another.

"They’re looking for people that might be wanting to rent out their home and advertising that they can get a high rent for them if they do. It's advertising for the realty company."

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