Detail in Sydney real estate ad has internet in hysterics

An ad for a home in northwest Sydney has gone viral over a key detail in the real estate agent’s listing.

The one bedroom property in North Rocks, described as a “quiet granny flat house", is on the rental market for $320 a week.

Advertised as being suitable for two tenants, the Statham Avenue home features its own dining and lounge, bathroom and kitchen.

The one bedroom property in North Rocks, NSW.
The one-bedroom property is described as a “quiet granny flat house" with an "external laundry." Source:

But it's the “external laundry” that has the internet laughing.

A photo of the property’s outdoor washing amenities has gone viral on Reddit after an image was uploaded online.

“This is what you get as an 'external laundry' in Sydney,” the post read along side a photo of a washing machine plugged into a power outlet on the exterior of the house.

A laundry sink could be seen behind the machine, along with a purple bucket.

The 'external laundry' with a washing machine and tub.
The 'external laundry' features a washing machine plugged into an external power socket and a laundry tub. Source:

Social media users thrilled by ‘open air laundry’

Many on social media were quick to make fun of the “open air laundry area with a stunning garden vista".

“[It’s an] all natural eco friendly laundry,” one person wrote, “with a soothing ambience to take your mind off doing the laundry.”

“It won’t be long and real estates will show the laundry as a nice shaped rock at the local creek that you can bash your wet clothes against,” someone else added.

While others congratulated the real estate for “not lying.”

“[It] seems exactly as advertised,” one user said.

“They’ve even got the tub which is required for it to be called a laundry room,” another wrote. “[It is] missing the four walls though.”

The granny flat's lounge and kitchen area (left) and bathroom (right).
One social media user called the granny flat 'disgustinly cramped'. Source:

But for some, the laundry outside was just the tip of the iceberg.

“It’s a disgustingly cramped and depressingly unliveable place,” a person said.

“Look at that squeeze to get to the shower and also no room for any hobbies [and] no rangehood.”

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