Renters blast $500-per-week property over bizarre feature

'How is this allowed?' questioned one observer.

Aussie renters face a market flooded with substandard properties, but this London studio shows the issue definitely isn't confined to Australia. The single-room pad is so small, the shower is in the kitchen and it doesn't even have space for a toilet.

London rental studio with combined bedroom, shower and kitchen
There's no chance of getting lost in this London rental property. Source: Jam Press

Directly next to the front door of the apartment is a small shower cubicle, which has been squashed next to a kitchenette. But the kitchen is so small, there's no room for an oven. Instead, it has just about enough space for a microwave and sink.

Under the sink is a washing machine and space for a mini fridge, which hopefully won't make much noise as only centimetres separate the kitchen and sleeping area. The unit can also fit in a two-seater dining table, and comes with resident parking.

Despite being too small for its own bathroom, the property is described as a "larger than average double semi-studio". Located in Hammersmith, it will set tenants back £1,083 ($2,054) per month. However, bills are included in the rent including electric gas, and water.

A listing for the property describes it as a "larger than average double semi-studio situated within a large Victorian house."

London rental studio with combined bedroom, shower and kitchen
Tenants planning on having guests over would probably want to shower before they arrive. Source: Jam Press

"Fully furnished, own kitchenette, private shower and shared WC," the ad continues. The lack of private toilet might put you off, but on the upside, the flat has "a huge bay window providing lots of natural light and ventilation".

Renters were horrified by the property. "Genuinely how is this allowed to not have a toilet?" asked one. "At first it looked like a lovely bedroom but then I realised it was everything," someone else added.


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