Relative doesn't believe Beaumont children claims

A relative of the high-profile businessman named by his son over the disappearance of the Beaumont children doesn’t believe the claims.

They have told 7News they never saw any evidence that Harry Phipps was a violent paedophile.

Mr Phipps was chairman and co-founder of Castalloy.

Dead for a decade, he has now been named as the likely suspect in the Beaumont case by his son.

He has told the author of a new book he saw the Beaumont children go into their home after they disappeared from nearby Glenelg beach.

He claims he later saw his father put four large bags into the boot of his car, and believes the bodies could be buried at Castalloy.

Today, Harry Phipps’ former neighbor was in shock.

“I’m yet to be convinced that it’s true,” the former neighbor told 7News.

“I just can’t believe it.

“He just appeared to be a thorough gentleman.”

Another family member who grew up with Harry Phipps has told 7News he never sexually or physically abused them, nor did they witness him acting criminally towards any other child.

Police have been accused of not thoroughly looking at the claims, but they say the allegations have been investigated and there is no new information to justify the excavation of any property, including the Castalloy site.

Castalloy management said the business is on government land and it has not been approached by police yet.

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