Reckless Melbourne tram surfer busted dangerously hitching free ride

Picture: YouTube/Mikael Abramowitch
Picture: YouTube/Mikael Abramowitch

Unbelievable video footage captures the terrifying moment a man is caught clinging onto the back of a moving Melbourne tram.

Mikael Abramowitch recorded the tram surfer’s reckless attempt to save up to $3.90 for a fare, from a vehicle moving in traffic behind the Melbourne tram, on Thursday.

*Dangerous train surfers ride inches from electric cables, waving to commuters

“What the f***?” Mr Abramowitch exclaims when he spots a man standing on a narrow ledge on the back of a slow-moving Melbourne University tram, while holding on to a small railing.

A woman can also be heard whispering “What?” in disbelief.

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