Reason behind McDonald's restaurant's turquoise arches: 'Amazing'

The unusual signage attracts thousands of Instagram and TikTok users each year.

It's one of the most recognisable logos worldwide and for good reason. Whether it's Tokyo or Townsville, Dundee or Dunedin, McDonald's Golden Arches are instantly recognisable at more than 38,000 locations.

But for one store in the US, its 'M' logo isn't the fast food giant's usual distinct yellow. The signs at McDonald's' store in the picturesque city of Sedona, Arizona, are instead turquoise – a point of difference that has attracted plenty of attention online.

A woman and two women pose in separate photos next to the turquoise arches.
Visitors come from far and wide to get a photo of the McDonald's famous turquoise arches. Source: Instagram

The decision to change the colour lies with the local council, who reportedly asked the store to change from its traditional yellow so it did not contrast with the striking backdrop of the town, which is famous for its red rock formations.

Cari Meyer, a senior planner for the city, said it was agreed in the early nineties that McDonald's should attempt to "fit in with the identity that the city decided to establish", ABC Arizona reported. Other businesses face similar restrictions which prevent them from distracting from the natural beauty of the area.

A shot of the McDonald's from a distance (left) and the city of Sedona with its rocky landscape behind (right)
Businesses in Sedona must adhere to strict rules when it comes to their premises's exterior. Source: TikTok/Getty

While the store's exterior is also somewhat synonymous with the area's architecture, the rest of the McDonald's is as normal. However the turquoise theme extends to some signage as well as food and drink packaging.

The unusual logos at the Sedona store have long been an Instagram hotspot for tourists wanting to check out the anomaly. Its geotag is filled with photos of visitors posing by the unusual arches, while videos of the store continue to trend on TikTok. Images of the McDonald's have again resurfaced on social media in recent weeks, bringing with it a wave of comments from admiring users.

"Why can't my town have this?" one person asked. Another said it was a "very interesting" backstory, while others called it "beautiful" and "amazing".

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