Razer's Kishi V2 controller gets an Xbox edition with themed colors and more

There's also a broader Pro release with haptics and a headphone jack.


Razer is releasing an Xbox Edition of its popular Kishi V2 mobile gaming controller. The device is available in two SKUs, for iPhone and Android phones, and brings plenty of Xbox-centric features into the mix. For instance, the controllers boast iconic Xbox branding and a white color-way to tie it all together.

The Xbox integration isn’t just cosmetic. There’s updated companion software to make the most out of brand collaboration, including full integration with Game Pass and new haptics that correlate to AAA Xbox titles. That gives these controllers cross-compatibility with hundreds of games available via the platform and the magic of cloud streaming. Razer says this refresh has been optimized to ensure lag-free gaming and the various inputs have been enhanced for improved control and precision. There’s also a dedicated Xbox button for powering on the controller and for initiating Game Pass.

The exterior has been switched up for improved ergonomics during those lengthy Game Pass sessions. The analog bumper triggers are more pronounced and the whole thing has a soft feel that should make it rest easy in the hands during use.

Of course, you aren’t tied to Xbox games here. This is still a standard Kishi Pro controller that’s powered by the Razer Nexus app, so you can play PC games, smartphone titles and more. To that end, there’s a virtual controller mode that lets you map out buttons to match a specific game.

Razer’s Kishi controllers have been a big hit for the company, starting with an Android model and eventually including an iPhone version. This newest release accompanies a broader launch for the Kishi V2 Pro model, that features a headphone jack and the aforementioned haptics. The Pro controller isn't new, exactly, but it used to be exclusively tied to the Razer Edge gaming handheld device. Now you can buy it standalone in this Xbox format or via plainer options.