Racegoers scramble, punch on in massive trackside brawl

Ashlea Brown

FIRST ON 7: Video has emerged of a scrappy, violent brawl between two groups of men and women dressed in their races best at Sydney's Randwick racecourse last year.

The video shows racegoers move in as they try to pull apart two men who start punching and grabbing at each other on the green.

Two men start fighting at the beginning of the brawl. Photo: 7News

The pushing and shoving can be seen escalating quickly before a woman in red attempts to break up the fight, but is knocked over.

Another woman can be seen laying on the grass shielding her head as the brawl continues.

A woman in red tries to break up the fight. Photo: 7News

She's helped to her feet before the woman in red finds herself in the grips of the fight again, as another woman tries to pull her to safety.

The brawl spirals out of control as the group collects more racegoers and security guards finally move in.

More racegoers join the fight as tension escalates. Photo: 7News

But it appears another woman had the last say, throwing a younger man into the trackside barrier and then restraining him by his tie until police arrived.

Five people were charged but only one case made it to sentencing.

Chaos erupts after the pair fall into crowds as they punch on. Photo: 7News
Chairs fly, women are left scrambling in the wake of the fight. Photo: 7News

A man was given a good behaviour bond and no conviction recorded. But the case against the man who allegedly instigated the fight was dropped in Downing Centre Court today.

A defence lawyer has questioned why the five accused offenders were separated in the courts and put before different magistrates.

"The biggest looser is the public because it's the public purse that funds these cases," he said.